Come Away With Me Contest Entry!!

“This blog post is a contest entry for Harlequin’s Come Away with Me Bucket List Contest located at

I was on facebook when I noticed a friend shared a link. A contest link!! I’m all about the contest entry. A wonderful woman I follow on twitter, Karma Brown, wrote a book. About experiencing life at its worst and trying to move on by experiencing the adventures life has to offer. The contest – win something off of your bucket list. And then I had a ‘hmmmmm’ moment. While I have thought about things I want to accomplish in life, I never ever have written a bucket list. Maybe there is some truth to the Karma’s hashtag #‎WriteItDownMakeItReal‬.

So I present – my top 10 bucket list. It was a lot harder than I thought putting together the top things I want to accomplish.

1. Go to Hollywood and pretend I’m famous – result of childhood dream never coming to fruition. I blame NKOTB for this one. I was supposed to go on tour with them and be the kid sister of the group. (Girlfriends come and go but family stays forever!) They obviously never got the memo.
2. Sleep in an underwater hotel – I’m a water baby, the sense of tranquility, the environment of helping me think anything in life is possible – priceless.
3. Pay for the kids teeth in one shot – bucket lists have weird items once kids come along
4. Pay off student loan before I’m dead – previously in my head this was within 5 years of completing school. Once kids come along I think bucket lists are more fluid as well.
5. SWIM WITH DOLPHINS!!! Will they think I’m fluffy? Will they think I’m pregnant? These are science based questions I want to know!!
6. Get a picture published – that they paid me for. In my head this is followed by someone paying me to travel the globe with the kid (dd13) and sidekick (husband), creating photo essays. Pictures to share with everyone on how I see the world……but no snow pictures. I can’t do that anymore. My bones are getting too old for this Canadian ‘cold’ crap every winter. I need heat.
7. A class at Second City – whole pretend I’m famous theme again……….
8. Vacation on the pink shores of the Bahamas – water baby theme here and PINK SAND!!!
9. Have time to write, have someone believe, get published
10. England, Ireland, Scotland – kiss the blarney stone and have hope that things I speak of, things I want to experience and explore, that someone out there will listen and help me on my way. Okay – maybe just touch the stone …. Acrophobia .. but I am going to try to kiss 🙂 And seeing castles, history, and attractions!!

PS. I’m the first one on the library hold list to get her book when the order finally goes through!! It sounds like a good read!!
PPS. Including my PPS, I did this whole post in 2786 characters. I rock.


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