The soothing sounds of water.

Today’s adventure saw the sidekick and I heading north to meet up with another couple about 40 minutes away.  The town they live in has an ice cream bar that has something like 50 different flavours of soft serve!!  50!!!  I had banana… yuuummmmmm….drooooooool …………

I had met with her before, and was most excited to be able to spend some more time getting to know each other better.  What started as a cold morning, ended in a warm lovely afternoon.  Seriously,  it was cold.  It was nuts.  I belong in the south somewhere.  Banana soft serve was calling though 😉 Plus they had identical baby girls.  Gorgeous little wee ones!! The sidekick, (aka the baby whisperer), had one of the babies smiling and cooing.  I gave them back before they could have started screaming – cuz you know it would have happened.

One of the topics of conversation was where they were from.  The coast of BC.  They spoke about the lifestyle, and the ocean.  It really hit me how much I miss living and being by the water.  Water you can walk in and that moves without fear of leeches or something.  This whole afternoon I’ve thought about the calmness I have felt around water.  The calmness of hearing the ocean waves when we were blessed enough to go to Australia.  The calmness the sidekick felt while we were on the riverboat in the middle of Saskatoon.  The calmness of watching the kid play at Wasaga Beach.  The calmness of walking through the waves in the North Atlantic Ocean.  In a world gone to fast and to confusing at times, I can feel at peace and more connected to our creator by just listening to the soothing sounds of water.

Off course I was a dork and bombarded the sidekick with plans of moving to the BC coast now  on the drive home 🙂 …. I miss water.



The View

One of the things that I’ve been extremely lucky about, is I have the most fantastic people in my life.  Sometimes I don’t know what I did to get so many people who love and cherish me, the kid and the sidekick.  When the smoke is drifting out of my ears, family and friends have been there to point the water hose at my head.  It’s hurt a few times, and they’ve knocked me on my ass a few other times – but isn’t that what loved ones are for? 🙂

This past year I’ve had a lot to think about.  Somethings have made me angry.  Somethings have made me smile.  Somethings have given me joy.  Some things have brought sadness.  This past trip home to Toronto to visit, to talk with so many loved ones had me thinking more though. Of how I allow things that aren’t good for our family to invade.  Of how I’m apparently awesome in my humour.  Of being able to smile despite painful situations.  Of letting go to love life again.  Enjoying time with them, I was able to relax and bring closer things that make me and my family happy.

Things still tick me off – make no mistake.   By the end of my adventure home though, they helped me enjoy the view more then I was.  The view of what I’m seeing – whether it be nature or the human condition.  These awesome people helped me to realize I need to have good things in our life.  I need to have positive communication.  Otherwise our little family will suffer more.

Thank you family and friends 🙂   Best trip ever home ever – my world is a little calmer for it.

My view was awesome the past week.  Gave me so much joy.  Here’s to a boatload more.  Hope your view is great too!!

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You can always go home

Holy Amazeballs it is LOVELY to be home 🙂 While I’m grateful for Saskatchewan to giving us affordability and safety, Toronto will always be home.   One of the students I worked with remarked upon home and how he missed his hometown in Saskatchewan.  He too didn’t like where we were. Home is where your heart is  –  whether it be province, city, town, or house.  One of the biggest things I’ve learned on this journey, is I’m a city girl. Born and bred.  I am not a country girl.  Even after a year I still suffer from culture shock which leads others to laughter 🙂

Ontario Travel – I think I’ll be emailing you something awesome.

Seeing the kid after two weeks was also amazing.  I missed her so much and it was the most amazing feeling to be able to give her a hug.  Our adventure has been great.  Friends, family, Toronto, so much to do so little time.

I leave soon.  But the memories are forever and we will be back to stay one day.

……or maybe BC, Alberta…. the skies the limits huh?  To dream perchance to go where your heart takes you!!


Pearson Airport. Felt alive stepping out into the chaos


Strange as it sounds, driving in traffic was exhilarating. What you miss is wierd sometimes.


Family to see 🙂


NIghts to sit outside and just be.


Sights to go down memory lane with.


New attractions to experience. Ripley’s Aquarium Toronto. Loved it.


University Avenue in Downtown Toronto – chillin watching the traffic.


Queen West – Eatons Centre just up the road.


Spending time with old friends.




Sometimes I’m amused by what I see on the internet.  Tales of family shame, friendship horror, kid over-sharing, marriage unbliss or opinions that make my jaw drop seem to have quite the presence online.  Then there are the people who only put on tales of happiness and the audience have a skewed perception of what the true reality is.

It’s kinda like real life too though.  If you have an idea you think is awesome, rational and brilliant others may think you are totally insane.  And they aren’t afraid to tell you.  Or you may be going through a phase that others don’t have the comprehension to even begin to understand what your road is like.  Advice is offered – those ones I smile at.  Or you may say something that someone doesn’t agree with.  Suddenly it’s filtered though the ‘grape vine’.  I’m guilty of all these things too.  I wish I wasn’t.

Being by ourselves in a new province, technology has given us the ‘feeling’ of closeness with those we love back home.  While I share somethings, I’ve learned to keep a lot of things to myself though.  The internet is forever and people like to sue.  If not sue, suddenly it goes viral and one has a type of infamy they weren’t in the market for.  Whether online or in life, I think sometimes we should be quiet as much as we want or need to vent.   Others may not want to hear, or they just don’t understand.  Which to each their own.

I came across two quotes that I absolutely love.

10509743_765570366833444_6624068444580661647_n Abstract, fractal colorful birds  wing on the black backgrounds

I guess this post is to say to all the people online and off- be careful what you write and say.  You have have no idea who is reading or the reaction of someone who is listening.  I know for me I’ll probably be a lot quieter.

Toddler Fight Club – Where have we gone?

I know I’m late with this post. Contemplation the last few days.  l have been thinking and pondering about alot. Thinking about where we are. Thinking about people around us.  Thinking about stories we’ve heard from others around the country. Thinking about how people interact with each other.


I read the paper and it seems that my pondering has gone into full smoke out of my ears pondering lately.  It hasn’t been the best couple of weeks for the younger generation.  I’ve read about 12 year olds trying to murder each other.  But I can’t write about that as I have a 12 year old who has bullying in her sphere. It just …Why? …. So young… I can’t even comprehend …

I came across another article that had my jaw dropping.  Allegedly a daycare in the United States had a toddler fight club happening.  Adults were having the toddlers fight each other.  Adults….not children … adults….and not even children but babies.  Again, I can’t even comprehend.  Video hasn’t been released, but in it you apparently here a child cry saying another kid pinched me.  An adult voice says no pinching, only punching.

I know that ….stupidity isn’t even the word for it… goes on all the time in this world.  We don’t hear the worst of it.  I truly thank God for that.  Though I am sorry for the police, firemen, and professionals who see it up close on a daily basis.  I can’t even fathom …..

Children and the elderly …. they’re our vulnerable population.  Yet we pay those who work with them very little.  (Excluding teachers here from this post.  They are awesome and going to put the kid through university with all the knowledge they are cramming in her head.  This will allow the kid to take care of me when I’m old.. JOKE JOKE JOKE NO HATE).

I know there are bad seeds in every profession.  I know that there are awesome people in the profession.  I know that it costs a mortgage payment to put a kid in daycare.  I know it cost 3 mortgage payments to have your elderly mother or father in an awesome long term care facility.  I know the paperwork, and the numbers to pay workers more ..budgets…. allocations…. I know… I know… I know…

My head space went into overdrive as I thought about this all.  When I worked in Ontario I loved working with seniors in the community and in the day program.  Here is Saskatchewan I’m working with kids/teens.  I know that if your mother needed recreational/community care, you’d probably really want me on your team.  I’m really good.  I enjoy the companionship of those I serve.

But I’m a main bread winner.  I need to take care of my family.  I got accepted into university to finish my degree (Right now I have a college diploma).  If finances work out I will be attending classes in September.  I don’t think when I finish I will be working in the same capacity at all.

Which is a shame because the community will lose a valuable person.  There are so many of us that are moving on because the economy, life situations, … it’s hard.  A lot of valuable people walking away from taking care of your loved ones.  It’s hard for a lot of people on both sides of the fence.

Broke my heart.

I don’t know….. a post that may or may not make sense.  Things I heard about just from family and friends – and then news … Ideas here … Ideas there….

I’m curious – what do you think about this news item.  Tell me.  How would you change it for the better?


Entering contests will not pay for your bills in Canada

I’ve decided I need someone like Ellen DeGeneres in my life.  Before her receptionist was her receptionist, Jeannie entered into every single contest that Ellen had.  She won squat.  Ellen sent called her to say she still hadn’t won, but was sending her to a red carpet event.  As they sat on the red chairs talking about the experience, Ellen offered her a job of a every working non celebrity persons dream (at least my dream!!) of being close enough to celebrities to stalk meet them .  Plus Ellen sends her on cool little trips for work!!  I don’t know any other company that sends receptionists on work trips!!  I wonder if it’s at least business class…….

I remember a few years ago there was a show about people who won a whole bunch of stuff through contests.  That was a cool show.  From what I can tell though, the US has way more contests then Canada to enter.  That hasn’t stopped me though!!

I always have entered contests.  Now I have a little bit of a system down to keep track of it all. I’m entering everything I can!!


Current every day list. It’s exhausting keeping track of this stuff 😉


SO MANY CONTESTS!!!! This list of expired contests I and the kid have entered.

The kid and I have entered about 100 contests since I have started keeping track like this.


Most have been daily entries.  So 100 x 30 days in a month x 3 months average for each contest… carry the one … minus the 6… add the circumference of the sun … well, we’ve A LOT of contest entries.  Hilton, Aspirin, travelocity, 1dsummer, chrysler, Ford, trips, … The kid and I have made a good dent with all the businesses in Canada.

Contrary to the contest show, you cannot pay your bills while only entering contests.  I have only won one contest and that one was one I had to work really hard at it.  I’m quite proud of my yummy mummy club / playtex entry and you should go read it.

Though I haven’t won anything more yet, I’m gonna keep entering contests. Dreams can be dreamt with the winnings.  Hope can be visualized.  Life can be pondered more with a trip to some tropical beach. It’s free!!

You can’t win if you don’t enter 🙂

And I’ll keep waiting for my Ellen Degeneres!!





The past little while I’ve been going through a phase of thinking the world is the most asinine place to be. The kid went through bullying here and the constant meetings. Every time I turn on the news something horrid beyond horrid is happening. Every time I look at our local paper I read about stupidity. I find myself getting old because I don’t remember acting like the youth of today. It’s been exhausting 🙂

Couple of weeks ago I was online when I came across a plea on our facebook city garage sale. A woman was asking if anyone had children’s allergy medicine. You might be wondering why I’m writing about this. There is a point. You see living in a small rural city, things shut down really early. Our mall closes most days at 6pm. The post office at Shoppers closes at 5 or 6. We do not have emergency dental. I think you have to drive minimum 2 hours to Regina or Manitoba. Just reading what I’ve written makes me miss Toronto even more 😦 Our hospital has an ER, but this wasn’t a case where she needed to go see a doctor. She just simply needed something that living in northern rural Canada, she couldn’t get that late at night.

What happened next made be smile 🙂



That’s what this world is suppose to be about!! Not the drivel people seem to be showing each other 😦 So thank you ladies!! Thank you for reminding me there is hope for a better tomorrow!!

Saskatchewan is like the Hunger Games..and Divergent..

We went to the KidsExpo today.  It was a great day.  I’m also sad I ate the one cupcake I bought. It was divine.  I now have none.  Will power was never my strong suit..and dudes if that lady from Esterhazy lived in Toronto she would make a killing on those cupcakes!!!  They were AWESOME!!! $2.50??!?!? She could be charging at least $4.  I will put that post up next week.

Because you see, we also got coupons from Booster Juice at the KidsExpo.  So of course we believed this was a sign to go get yummy smoothies.  Mysterious  ways people…mysterious ways… They had a special smoothie named Fruit Faction based on the movie Divergent. The kid ordered it.  The kid liked it. The kid asked if we could see it….a decision I believed based on a smoothie but she tells me based on the commercial.

And as it’s been awhile since we’ve stepped into a theater….and my bank account was in the positive..even after the smoothies – we decided let’s go.

So my post this week is on our movie experience.

And it was an awesome movie.  On the ride back to house I asked the kid what she thought.

Kid:  It’s a cool movie.  Makes me want to see Hunger Games too..(silence) …. I just realized Saskatchewan is like Hunger Games.  One part’s like district 1, they have coal miners – we have miners.  They have farmers, we have farmers, so on and so on.  And every year they go to the Capitol aka Regina and they have the CFL aka the Hunger Games.

After I had stopped laughing enough to drive safely, I continued my questioning.

Me: So what did you think of the movie?
Kid: I liked Tris.

Me: Why?
Kid: She reminds me of me.   I like Dauntless because they were crazy.  But I would have chosen Erudite because I’m smart and don’t want to get killed.

Sidekick: You’re a thinker not a fighter.

Kid: Naw, I’m  a strategic fighter.  Think first.

Me:  I like Dauntless too.  But I wouldn’t have been good.  They would have said jump, and I would have been like “’m factionless now.. bye :)”  What did you think of Four?

Kid:  I liked his bravery.

Me: I liked Four too.

Sidekick: I know you did.

The sidekick will be talked to about his side comments at a later time….deadpan humour is only appreciated when I do it.  (the kid as she reads this just stated, “What?? Only your humour is appreciated?   I don’t appreciate your humour.”   The kid will be talked to at a later time about family hierarchies and their relationship to subsequent matriarchal decision making).

This movie was really good.  Not just in the context of a good action movie.  The kid wants to emulate some of Tris’s characteristics.  You know the upstanding ones – individuality, courage, fighting for convictions.  She thankfully would think first before fighting.  A trait I hope continues in her life.  The beating people to a bloody pulp – she wasn’t into, so we’re thankful for that.  Win for her personality.  The kid has plans now to read all three books.  Win for her mind.  Her plans to become famous have intensified…I’m not to sure what win or loss that is..

While I loved the movie, it did make me feel a little old.  I remember being ‘young’, and thinking the world was mine for the taking.  I remember having the stamina to pull all nighters with friends talking, playing games or walking in Toronto till 4 am.  Now I like my bed and a book.  Both the sidekick and I don’t have 20 year old bodies anymore. While we have strengths now in our 30’s and 40’s, (ME!!!! I’M THE ONE IN THE 30’S FOR CLARIFICATION), I will admit I miss the magic of my 20’s.  Sometimes when I’m paying a bill or finding another wrinkle, I think WTH??!?!?! What happened?

In my head, I will be 21 forever more walking along Queen Street in downtown Toronto watching an eclectic population live life  …… with the wisdom of my age now 🙂

And the kid?  Well, I’m pretty sure she’s on her way to having a more magical time in her 20’s then I did.  I’m cool with that!

Disclaimer: We just went to go see a movie and it was good.  My own opinions. Was not compensated in anyway.

Olympians and you’re welcome

We may not have much right now, but for what we do have I give thanks.  It was a hard week in one aspect, which will come up in another post.  It was also a beautiful week.


Hoarfrost – while a name that clearly someone didn’t really think about before making official.. really gorgeous however.


The hoarfrost gives beauty to those ‘dead’ winter trees.


What an amazing experience!!

So the kid met Canada’s own Sochi2014 Olympic Gold Medalist Kaitlyn Lawes.  The kid got to hold the gold medal and was much impressed by this tiny woman with so much strength.

Kaitlyn: Thank you for coming to meet me!!
My kid:  You’re welcome!!

Walking to the car,

Me: You’re welcome huh?  LOL

My kid: I panicked!!!

Never say I have never taught the kid good manners and common courtesy!!


Free Skate

Our week ended with Free Sunday night skating.  I don’t go out on the ice because I would die if I did.  But it was lovely to sit and watch the kid glide around.

This is what life is supposed to be about.  I may not be where I want to be right now, but this week had nice scenery.  Those other people who make it about crap – phooey on them.

How was your week?


Things I learned this week

Friday being Valentines Day we decided to try a brand new ‘healthy’ fast food restaurant that just opened that day.  Living in a small town, occurrences like this apparently everyone is excited for.  We got there at 6:22 pm and were turned away from the door.  They had run out of food.  Lesson learned:  Go to new places open earlier in a small town to eat because importing enough food way up north can be a bugger.

So we went next door to another new store!! Tutti Frutti!! The kid absolutely enjoyed it. Self serve frozen yogurt that you adorn with various garnishes.  Even though it was very busy we managed to find a seat.  THe staff were friendly.  Can’t wait to find another Tutti Frutti once the weather gets better and we start exploring again!! Lesson Re-learned: Frozen Yogurt is good for you – but when you put lots of candy and chocolate and maraschino cherries on it …. it’s not so good for you anymore.


The kid was worried about tobogganing here, as it’s well … flat.  But we found a hill!!  And it was a steep hill.  Though the wind was so whippingly cold, the kid enjoyed gliding down on her sled.  I enjoyed sitting in the warm car.  Lesson learned: Even if you don’t think you can find something, keep looking.  It will be there.


The weather was windy, cold, and snowy.  As we made our way out of the store today, I glanced around and saw so much whirling snow, gray skies and so many bootprints on the ground. Lesson learned:  Especially in Saskatchewan, life goes on no matter what.  You pull on your wool socks, parka, and get into your car to drive.  Life moves on even if you feel it should be put on hold.  We are Canadian – we are winter – we are tough …… well I’m not. I’m sensitive.  I belong on a beach.


It’s a bit more expensive to get beautified here.  I thought I would try it myself to save some money.  Went out and bought hair removal cream.  Lesson learned: Know your limitations, and always follow directions.


So, what’d you learn this weekend?

Disclosure: I was not compensated for anything or even asked to write about anything.  This is just my week, and I really enjoyed the yogurt.  They were friendly there 🙂