What the landscape can teach you

My view this week.


Very blue ...


Where does the earth end?


Fires for food


La luna


The age old "dark vs light"


The clouds so low


....see forever


Clouds ... no witty caption.


Everyone driving somewhere


Holy crap we found an awesome hill.

….brilliant huh?  They are nice pictures.  I used to think I wanted to live on a farm or be in the country..  Honest truth, I now know that’s not me.  I prefer concrete and streetcars.

What’s your landscape taught you?

Disclosure:  no laws were broken in the taking of these pictures.  My hands stayed on the wheel and the kid took them.  


Sex Cereal and Bacon Toffee

This weekend saw our travels take us to Saskatoon for the night.  No special reason.  I’m finding when you live in such a small town, sometimes the need to get out and explore the world is intense.  The weather was right, the price of the hotel not bad, and off we went.

Driving Saskatchewan is like driving through the last of the truly isolated and open lands left.  It’s a little over three hours to travel from our house to Saskatoon alone. At one point we didn’t see a car for about 1 hour.  When the residents say make sure you have a winter emergency kit in your car when traveling, you should listen.  It’s unnerving sometimes to feel so alone in your tiny little car in the midst of such vastness.  In the winter, your eyes hurt with the brilliance of the sky and ground shining back at you. (New tip I learned – don’t forget your sunglasses.  How fast do wrinkles happen by the way?)   Sometimes you don’t know where one ends and the next begins when looking off into the distance.


Our first stop was to the Western Development Museum.  The museum is one museum split up four ways around the province.  Much like their college.  There is only one college split up into different campuses around the province.  I guess it’s because the population isn’t a lot here.  After having 5 million choices in Ontario for college it was a little different to find out there was only one here.

This museum if pretty cool though.  It actually has an indoor road with buildings for you to go in and and out.  Like Black Creek Pioneer Village, but on a much much smaller scale … and inside.


A house full of mirrors that was a blast to go through. One mirror I was the 1000 lb woman … I quickly left that mirror 🙂


And I have never seen one of the these in real life before.  The textbooks don’t do it justice.  This was something that was amazing to see out of history.


The true attraction we went for however, was the University of Saskatchewan’s observatory.  This is free!!!  FREE!!!  How can I say no to FREE!!  Every Saturday the public gets to go and look up at the stars.



The sky was cloudy, but it was still an amazing experience.  You know next time we are back in Saskatoon, I’m headed there to see the stars and moon.

We were in 1910.  We had an awesome hotel.  We saw the moon.  We saw sex cereal and bacon toffee.  What weekend trip is awesome without seeing awesome food like that?

I still miss Ontario, its attractions and its conveniences (driving 3 hours to go do something .. yeah it sucks if you’re not used to it).  However, Saskatchewan does have some neat things to keep us amused.  I hope you come and visit us this summer 🙂

Disclaimer: I did not receive anything for this post.  It is my own opinions to tempt family and friends back home to come and visit us.

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