The View

One of the things that I’ve been extremely lucky about, is I have the most fantastic people in my life.  Sometimes I don’t know what I did to get so many people who love and cherish me, the kid and the sidekick.  When the smoke is drifting out of my ears, family and friends have been there to point the water hose at my head.  It’s hurt a few times, and they’ve knocked me on my ass a few other times – but isn’t that what loved ones are for? 🙂

This past year I’ve had a lot to think about.  Somethings have made me angry.  Somethings have made me smile.  Somethings have given me joy.  Some things have brought sadness.  This past trip home to Toronto to visit, to talk with so many loved ones had me thinking more though. Of how I allow things that aren’t good for our family to invade.  Of how I’m apparently awesome in my humour.  Of being able to smile despite painful situations.  Of letting go to love life again.  Enjoying time with them, I was able to relax and bring closer things that make me and my family happy.

Things still tick me off – make no mistake.   By the end of my adventure home though, they helped me enjoy the view more then I was.  The view of what I’m seeing – whether it be nature or the human condition.  These awesome people helped me to realize I need to have good things in our life.  I need to have positive communication.  Otherwise our little family will suffer more.

Thank you family and friends 🙂   Best trip ever home ever – my world is a little calmer for it.

My view was awesome the past week.  Gave me so much joy.  Here’s to a boatload more.  Hope your view is great too!!

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