The View

One of the things that I’ve been extremely lucky about, is I have the most fantastic people in my life.  Sometimes I don’t know what I did to get so many people who love and cherish me, the kid and the sidekick.  When the smoke is drifting out of my ears, family and friends have been there to point the water hose at my head.  It’s hurt a few times, and they’ve knocked me on my ass a few other times – but isn’t that what loved ones are for? 🙂

This past year I’ve had a lot to think about.  Somethings have made me angry.  Somethings have made me smile.  Somethings have given me joy.  Some things have brought sadness.  This past trip home to Toronto to visit, to talk with so many loved ones had me thinking more though. Of how I allow things that aren’t good for our family to invade.  Of how I’m apparently awesome in my humour.  Of being able to smile despite painful situations.  Of letting go to love life again.  Enjoying time with them, I was able to relax and bring closer things that make me and my family happy.

Things still tick me off – make no mistake.   By the end of my adventure home though, they helped me enjoy the view more then I was.  The view of what I’m seeing – whether it be nature or the human condition.  These awesome people helped me to realize I need to have good things in our life.  I need to have positive communication.  Otherwise our little family will suffer more.

Thank you family and friends 🙂   Best trip ever home ever – my world is a little calmer for it.

My view was awesome the past week.  Gave me so much joy.  Here’s to a boatload more.  Hope your view is great too!!

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Things I learned this week

Friday being Valentines Day we decided to try a brand new ‘healthy’ fast food restaurant that just opened that day.  Living in a small town, occurrences like this apparently everyone is excited for.  We got there at 6:22 pm and were turned away from the door.  They had run out of food.  Lesson learned:  Go to new places open earlier in a small town to eat because importing enough food way up north can be a bugger.

So we went next door to another new store!! Tutti Frutti!! The kid absolutely enjoyed it. Self serve frozen yogurt that you adorn with various garnishes.  Even though it was very busy we managed to find a seat.  THe staff were friendly.  Can’t wait to find another Tutti Frutti once the weather gets better and we start exploring again!! Lesson Re-learned: Frozen Yogurt is good for you – but when you put lots of candy and chocolate and maraschino cherries on it …. it’s not so good for you anymore.


The kid was worried about tobogganing here, as it’s well … flat.  But we found a hill!!  And it was a steep hill.  Though the wind was so whippingly cold, the kid enjoyed gliding down on her sled.  I enjoyed sitting in the warm car.  Lesson learned: Even if you don’t think you can find something, keep looking.  It will be there.


The weather was windy, cold, and snowy.  As we made our way out of the store today, I glanced around and saw so much whirling snow, gray skies and so many bootprints on the ground. Lesson learned:  Especially in Saskatchewan, life goes on no matter what.  You pull on your wool socks, parka, and get into your car to drive.  Life moves on even if you feel it should be put on hold.  We are Canadian – we are winter – we are tough …… well I’m not. I’m sensitive.  I belong on a beach.


It’s a bit more expensive to get beautified here.  I thought I would try it myself to save some money.  Went out and bought hair removal cream.  Lesson learned: Know your limitations, and always follow directions.


So, what’d you learn this weekend?

Disclosure: I was not compensated for anything or even asked to write about anything.  This is just my week, and I really enjoyed the yogurt.  They were friendly there 🙂


Today was the imps 12th birthday.  I can not believe how fast time flies.  Just yesterday I remember her toddling around in Bramalea City Center in Brampton.  I remember holding her hand as we walked into the preschool group in Georgetown, Ontario.  I remember her walking to school on her own for the first time …. well I don’t cuz I was working but the sidekick told me about it… you use what you have….

How quick the years go and how different things are.  I have watched her grow to be a pretty cool kid.  She’s not an imp anymore.  She blogs, she reads, she writes these awesome funny stories, she volunteers, she suddenly has an activated math gene?!?!?!? Where’d that one come from?  “I had the math in me all along…I just never wanted to use it” she deadpanned when I asked her.  Kid, it could have come so in handy when your grade 4 class was doing that new funky math and I suddenly acquired new wrinkles trying to understand it….

She has so many talents, and so many more talents left to discover.

Life hasn’t been the kindest to our family.   We have our struggles just like many many out there have too.  LOL – our struggles have taken us to a new province!!  Yet I have watched this kid take things in stride and be amazing.

My prayer for her is to embrace and succeed in everything that comes her way – even the instructions on how to set up your own website cuz the professionals are expensive and she blogs now.

My prayer for her is to soak up every little bit of life that is thrown at her – the knowledge is everlasting.

My prayer is she never loses her sense of humour – people have become extremely successful by their ability to see humour in life.  Plus they’re a lot more fun to be around.  Trust me on this one.

My prayer for her is that her strength continues as life isn’t predicable and sometimes sucks – we’ve made lemonade to many times.

My prayer for her is that she can continue to see when life is beautiful and worth holding onto – even in the deepest of sorrows.

My prayer for her is that she meets someone who will love her for her she is and won’t try to change her.

My prayer for her is that if that does happen, she remembers that friends and family have power tools and some live out in the country.

My prayer for her is to succeed in all she goes forth to do.  Whether it be soccer, highschool, drama, stage, volunteering,  university, (negotiation is open – trades she can go to college – degree in basket weaving not so much – physical therapist or something along those lines definitely), or traveling ….

My prayer for her is that she travels as much as she can – and I’m extremely sorry (I’m not) for giving her that expensive bug 🙂 It’s so much fun though!!

My prayer for her is to understand money and the role it plays in her life – whether she has $10 or $1 000 000 in the bank it will bite her in the butt if she doesn’t understand it.

My prayer for her is to always understand the difference between there, their, they’re, you’re, your, too, to, and two. Her English teacher be thankful and she’ll have a leg up on her future competition when getting a job.

My prayer is that she always has that strong spirit – and never lets anyone extinguish it.

Happy birthday kid 🙂 I am so grateful you decided to try the ride with us.  It hasn’t been easy, but at least we’ve had fun!!