Leaving on a jet plane …

This past Thursday morning saw me handing over the kid to strangers.  It’s okay though – I paid them to take her.  HAHAHAHAHA!!!  Okay – joke over.

The kid for the past month has been extremely excited.  The past year has been extremely difficult.  She’s been bullied, started two new schools (one because of the bullying), hasn’t made friends to chill with during the weekends….it’s been the same for all of us…this move hasn’t been the best experience for any of us….its affordable here though.

To give her a bit of break, we clipped the rope and let her go on her own to Toronto.  Okay – not on her own – we used Westjet’s unaccompanied minor program.  The days leading up to her flight she had the biggest grin knowing she was going home.

Wednesday saw us in Regina at the Days Inn – Airport West for the night.  With a 6:20am flight, I had no desire to travel 2 hours in the morning from our town to the airport to catch said flight.  That would be a big con of living in a rural far away city.  With the airport literally 4 minutes up the road from the hotel, it was perfect for the kid to get a bit more sleep before.

I sadly did not get the guys name who check us in, but Days Inn management – please see who it was.  He was absolutely fantastic.  He was jovial, he was professional, he was amazing at this job.  He also was from Ontario!! From London he said.  He came to Regina for the jobs that are available.  Days Inn, if you need me to work at a hotel let me know!! I loved the vibe there…..I need full time though 😉


The hotel room was clean, spacious and decorated so well. The kid is ‘hiding’ under the burgundy foot blanket :l

After checking in we decided to go for a walk around the neighbourhood.  We ended up at a fast food place called Five Guys Burgers and Fries.   I honestly wasn’t expected it to be as good as it was.  It was amazing.  I love Harveys, and have been missing it since we moved to Saskatchewan a year ago.  These hamburgers were actually better then Harveys.  And Harveys hamburgers are amazing.  The only thing that made me go hmmmm, was on twitter @AshworthPR told me that the Scarborough, Ontario location had peanuts to snack on while you wait.  For the life of me I couldn’t remember if the Regina location had peanuts.  And I like food – so it’s kinda weird I don’t remember appetizers.


A regular hamburger – is TWO hamburgers in the bun!! AMAZING BURGER GO!!!

On our walk we saw some nice foliage in the city.


Lovely flowers in front of Lowe’s home hardware.


At the front of a construction site.

Back at the hotel we went for a lovely evening swim.  Had the whole pool to ourselves.  It was wonderful.  As a 4 am wake up call was coming we went to bed quite early.

Thursday morning, the kid was so excited to go home.   The sidekick stayed at the hotel and slept as we only had one gate pass.  He gave her a big sleepy hug good bye.  My heart was breaking because I was going to miss her, but I was so excited for her as well.  I knew she was going to be surrounded by her aunts, uncles, cousins and friends who missed her all to deeply.

Westjet‘s unaccompanied minor program is fantastic.  From check in to passing her off to my brother, we have nothing but good things to say.  The kid was given the best treatment from Westjet employees.  It’s hard sometimes to give your child to people you know to look after,  it’s even more mind numbing to give them to strangers.  Thank you Westjet for the best experience.


Smiling – the tag they gave her meant she was leaving to go home soon!!


Last mom/daughter selfie before she boarded.


T for Toronto – literally her hometown. That’s where she was born!!


My last view of her as she followed the westjet employee to the plane.

I asked her on when she landed how the flight was, and she told me the crew were amazing.  They asked how she was doing and kept an eye on her.  She had a lovely flight and it was all over to soon she said.  I think the smarties had something to do with it … 🙂

I fly out with Westjet later, and I look forward to seeing the kid.  Going to give her the biggest hug.The sidekick sadly due to health was not allowed to fly or drive.  He could have taken a train I think, but a sleeper cabin is more money then I make in 3 months probably…This trip is look at jobs and rents back home.  Like I wrote before, this past year has been very challenging.

I know the kid is having the best time.  On skype she told me she didn’t want to come back.  Her friends and family have given her the love and support she’s been missing this whole year.  As I write this, she is staying with a friend for a couple of days just basking in the glow of being home and being with the girls!!

Faith, hope, work, and luck – it’ll all work out 🙂


Disclosure: I was not paid for this post.  All my own opinions.  This is to let family and friends know our experiences as we travel the road of life 🙂


The library made me famous …. and think

The kid and I had entered into a contest a while ago at our local library back home. We had to write why the library was special to us.  I love the library.  Getting books so you can escape into a different world and forget the one you live in – priiicceeless!!! The kid as well is a book connoisseur  This particular contest was made for the kid and I.  We won!! The prize was a professional photo shot and our poster in the library.

My sister had called me a couple of weeks ago to let me know that the kid and mine’s picture was up at our old library. I think we did the photo shoot 1 1/2 ago.  I actually forgot about it.

I am so thrilled to see the posters.  My wish would be to see them in person.

Jessica lib

A picture of the poster my niece took so we could see them 🙂 This is the kid 🙂

Vera lib

The pic of a poster of me 🙂 LOVE my family for sending this to me!!

I’m going to admit something.  As much as these posters gave me a thrill – a little bit of me was saddened and angry.  Why?  Well, I will always be an Ontario girl.  That is where my heart is.  Not just for the family I left behind, but for the land itself.  The hills, the cliffs of the north and the changing of the autumn leaves.  The leaves don’t have the vibrant colours here in Saskatchewan.  They go from green to brown to dead.  The humidity of the summers in Toronto I miss.  Yes – I miss the humidity and walking Lake Ontario in Oakville, Mississauga and the boardwalk in Toronto.

And as much as I miss Ontario I’m angry at Ontario.  Families on the low socio-economic ladder – they fight tooth and nail to survive.  When the sidekick lost his sight almost 8 years ago and went on disability, our quaint jaunt through life quickly became hazardous.  In order to have a good quality of life.. (aka afford food and shelter).. we made the decision to move to Saskatchewan.  My parents had moved here 7 year prior.  My car insurance went from $190/month to $82/month.  I may not have the nicest or biggest house on my block …actually I’m pretty sure I have the worst house on my block … it’s a possibility we could be associated with the greasers in the book The Outsiders by SE Hinton…but my mortgage is stupid low.  Like cheaper then rent…on a bachelor in the GTA.  We don’t have friends here but at least we have money to survive.  The kid was unable to be in extra curricular activities back home.  Here, she is in guitar, drama and soccer.  And a better social then mine now.

Winning this contest, having my blog, writing my posts, my job, the volunteer work I participate in…I know that I have so much to offer whatever community I am in.  And I am so saddened that the community I want to be in, does not allow me the affordability for us to be – to stay – to be with friends and family that love us.  I know of so many families and individuals right now in the GTA that are quickly going into a downward spiral as they try to make ends meet.

We made the ultimate sacrifice for our family.  I am thankful to Saskatchewan for the opportunity to have a better quality of life.  We are finding things of beauty here too as you can tell by my blog posts.  I have to believe that moving here will make sense soon.

Honest though – I’d move back in a heartbeat.  I miss Ontario.

Thank you Halton Hills Public Library 🙂 Me and the kid remember that night and how much fun we had!!  At least for now I can be happy that my 15 … or 10 seconds LOL .. of fame has arrived.  Please send $10 and a self addressed envelope for my autograph 😉

Remembrance Day

This week we found out an actually cool thing.  In Saskatchewan, Remembrance Day is actually a stat holiday.  Meaning – this Monday November 11th we are not going to work or school.

I tried to think back to even when I was a little kid in Ontario, and I cannot think at all if we ever had Remembrance Day off.  Most people couldn’t understand why Ontario wouldn’t.  It’s a major major holiday here.  I told the people here that in Ontario we still honour our soldiers even though it isn’t a stat.  Schools have Remembrance Day ceremonies.  People stop for the moment of silence.  We still learn from those who have been there.

Having Remembrance Day as a stat is no better or no worse then not.  Just two different ways to show your respect and gratitude for our hero’s.

On Monday, the sidekick, imp and I shall be at a ceremony here.  I know it’s a small town but I’m sure they have one somewhere.   Just like in Ontario, we will honour past and present soldiers who have risked and given their lives for us to be free.  This time we will do it as a family.  Which will be different – but nice though.


2 monuments in Saskatchewan.

Gonna get tested!!!

I got a letter in the mail  and after I read it I thought “That’s kinda cool”.  The government was reminding me that I had to get a pap smear.  Really – how nice is that??


My aunt told me that if I didn’t attend however, I’d get another letter asking me why I didn’t go…………….. I have to admit I was thinking Big Brother at that point.

But regardless, you have to admit this is pretty cool.  I’ve never gotten a letter reminding me to go for a pap smear!!

Here in Saskatchewan, you don’t go to your doctor for a pap smear or vaccinations.  You go to public health and a nurse does the vaccination.  Even if you are going to an exotic country, you don’t go to the doctor.  The nurse looks it up to see what you need.  I’m not sure about the pap smear because I haven’t called the clinic yet.  I totally don’t know who does that and have to admit am quite curious.  So no follow up letter for me!!

It frees up the doctors time.  That is so neat!! The doctor can put her/his time into more urgent medical needs.  People look at me weird when I say this, but Ontario it doesn’t work like this.  This is new, wacky, and weird for us.

Your records as well aren’t part of the government.

Short story to illustrate this fact: We are trying to volunteer at the local SPCA (Humane Society where we are from).  We have to get a tetanus.  Which I wasn’t sure when we had them last when she asked.

Her: Just ask your public health

Me: We’re from Ontario

Her: Just call public health there and ask.

Me: I was our public health

In Ontario we had little yellow immunization cards.  When the doctor gave you a vaccination it was written in your little card.  Your doctor recorded in your chart for his/her records.   (I keep ours in the safe in case of fire).  Maybe it was different in other parts of Ontario, but in the GTA (Greater Toronto Area) this is what we were used to.  Maybe the doctor did tell the government but I doubt it cuz I would be pretty irritated I kept such good records of mine and the imp for no reason since it was somewhere else.  The sidekick was on his own.  He didn’t want my help.

This post ….. hmmmm…. this post is just to say cool.  I had something good to say about moving here.  I have to admit I like this….well except for the Big Brotherish part.  But hey – now if my records are screwed up when if I ever have to see a different doctor it’s their problem – not mine 🙂

What about you?  I”m actually really curious to see how different it is in different parts of the country.


UPDATE: I looked up the clinic and pap smears can be done by the clinic, your doctor or your nurse practitioner.