The soothing sounds of water.

Today’s adventure saw the sidekick and I heading north to meet up with another couple about 40 minutes away.  The town they live in has an ice cream bar that has something like 50 different flavours of soft serve!!  50!!!  I had banana… yuuummmmmm….drooooooool …………

I had met with her before, and was most excited to be able to spend some more time getting to know each other better.  What started as a cold morning, ended in a warm lovely afternoon.  Seriously,  it was cold.  It was nuts.  I belong in the south somewhere.  Banana soft serve was calling though 😉 Plus they had identical baby girls.  Gorgeous little wee ones!! The sidekick, (aka the baby whisperer), had one of the babies smiling and cooing.  I gave them back before they could have started screaming – cuz you know it would have happened.

One of the topics of conversation was where they were from.  The coast of BC.  They spoke about the lifestyle, and the ocean.  It really hit me how much I miss living and being by the water.  Water you can walk in and that moves without fear of leeches or something.  This whole afternoon I’ve thought about the calmness I have felt around water.  The calmness of hearing the ocean waves when we were blessed enough to go to Australia.  The calmness the sidekick felt while we were on the riverboat in the middle of Saskatoon.  The calmness of watching the kid play at Wasaga Beach.  The calmness of walking through the waves in the North Atlantic Ocean.  In a world gone to fast and to confusing at times, I can feel at peace and more connected to our creator by just listening to the soothing sounds of water.

Off course I was a dork and bombarded the sidekick with plans of moving to the BC coast now  on the drive home 🙂 …. I miss water.