Sometimes I’m amused by what I see on the internet.  Tales of family shame, friendship horror, kid over-sharing, marriage unbliss or opinions that make my jaw drop seem to have quite the presence online.  Then there are the people who only put on tales of happiness and the audience have a skewed perception of what the true reality is.

It’s kinda like real life too though.  If you have an idea you think is awesome, rational and brilliant others may think you are totally insane.  And they aren’t afraid to tell you.  Or you may be going through a phase that others don’t have the comprehension to even begin to understand what your road is like.  Advice is offered – those ones I smile at.  Or you may say something that someone doesn’t agree with.  Suddenly it’s filtered though the ‘grape vine’.  I’m guilty of all these things too.  I wish I wasn’t.

Being by ourselves in a new province, technology has given us the ‘feeling’ of closeness with those we love back home.  While I share somethings, I’ve learned to keep a lot of things to myself though.  The internet is forever and people like to sue.  If not sue, suddenly it goes viral and one has a type of infamy they weren’t in the market for.  Whether online or in life, I think sometimes we should be quiet as much as we want or need to vent.   Others may not want to hear, or they just don’t understand.  Which to each their own.

I came across two quotes that I absolutely love.

10509743_765570366833444_6624068444580661647_n Abstract, fractal colorful birds  wing on the black backgrounds

I guess this post is to say to all the people online and off- be careful what you write and say.  You have have no idea who is reading or the reaction of someone who is listening.  I know for me I’ll probably be a lot quieter.